Avenwall is the capital city of the duchy of Aven’s Valley, located at the head of the Erhine River and in the shadow of the Agg-Udin Mountains. It is still a vital commercial center that boasts a permanent population in the hundreds of thousands, with an additional constant flow of transient merchants, pilgrims, and other travelers.


The current city of Avenwall originated as a Dwarven military and mining outpost. When the earliest Human tribes came under attack by invaders from the Western Sea, the humans pushed eastward and encountered the Dwarves. The charasmatic human general Aven convinced the Dwarves stationed at the outpost to assist the humans in defending the western coast of the continent. Years later, when the Dwarven outpost was no longer deemed necessary for the protection of Dwarven lands, the city was formally gifted to the humans, now united under the rule of Aven.

The city was renamed Aven’s Wall, and for 500 years it served as the capital city of the entire human kingdom of Kaihar.Over time, its name became shortened to Avenwall in the vernacular, and that name has since become formalized. As Humans reclaimed their westward lands, the political center of Kaihar moved with it. 150 years ago, the capital city moved to the City of Kaihar, leaving Avenwall to fulfill its best purpose as a commercial center.


Avenwall is currently ruled by the Duchess of Aven’s Valley, Duchess Helena Austerwyn. Although the Duchess is technically the ruler of the entirety of Aven’s Valley, her main concern is with the city of Avenwall itself.

The Duchess has a sizable compliment of ministers and other minor governmental officials who assist her in the everyday duties of ruling a city such as collecting taxes, instating laws, and running diplomatic affairs. She also has a council of three advisers who are in charge of administering certain portions of life in Avenwall. These advisers are very powerful figures in the city, usually considered second only to the Duchess herself. The current advisers are:

  • The Archdominus of the Council of Domuni, Marcos Cabenah. The Archdominus is in charge of managing the religious affairs of the city, and oversees the scheduling of festivals and holidays, the building of temples, and the maintenance of friendly relations between the major cults that are present in Avenwall.
  • The Minister of Commerce, Achibald Astrue. The Minister is in charge of overseeing the trade and manufacturing that occurs in the city. These duties include the issuing of licenses, the monitoring of guild activities, and making recommendations for tarifs and other trade laws.


A vast majority of the citizens of Drurnmar are polytheistic and acknowledge the existence of a large pantheon of gods, each of whom have authority over certain places, ideas, objects, or events. Most people have one or two “patron gods” who receive the majority of their prayers and devotional offerings due to the worshiper’s profession, family traditions, or personal inclinations. However, if a worshiper believes that another god may be more effectual in hearing their prayer or request, there is no stigma against requesting the aid of a different god.

The City of Avenwall is host to the cults of many dozens of gods, both major and minor. Each cult is responsible for the actions of its clerics and congregations, and the most senior member of each cult is subject to the dictates of the Council of Domuni. If a cult gains a large enough following among the population of Avenwall, it may earn itself a seat on the Council.

Currently, there are twelve cults that are represented on the Council of Domuni – all the cults of human gods.

  • Brielle, goddess of love, beauty, charisma, and passion
  • Chauntea, goddess of agriculture and fertility
  • Denier, god of the arts and literature
  • Fharlanghn, god of roads and patron of travelers
  • Gond, god of blacksmiths, artificers, crafts, and construction
  • Ilmater, god of endurance, suffering, perseverance, and healing
  • Oghma, god of knowledge, invention, and the patron of bards
  • Pelor, god of sun, light, and truth
  • The Raven Queen, goddess of death
  • Talos, god of storms, floods, and destruction
  • Tyr, god of justice and order
  • Waukeen, goddess of trade, money, and wealth

A thirteenth goddess, Beshaba, the goddess of mischief, misfortune, ill luck, an accidents, is also widely acknowledged throughout Avenwall, though she has no organized cult and thus has no place on the Council of Domuni.

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