Gurdja Goldenlager

A brick wall that hits back.


Alignment: NG
Height: 4’6
Eyes: Grey
Size: Medium
Gender: Female
Weight: 212
Hair: Red, braided
Age: 114
Subrace: Hill dwarf

STR 18 (4)
DEX 14 (2)
CON 16 (3)
INT 11 (0)
WIS 12 (1)
CHA 10 (0)
Speed: 25
Hit Die: 1d12
Weapon ATK +1
Class: Fighter
Level: 1
EXP: 0
Lowlight vision to 30 ft
Speed not reduced w/armor class
Advantage against poison
Resistance against poison damage
Dwarven weapon training
Stone Cunning
Natural affinity for caves/underground
All armor/shields
All simple AND martial
Martial damage dice of 1D6
(Likely: medium or heavy armor, fist weapons)

Intimidate, Gather Rumors, Profession (Tavernkeep), Use Rope, Knowledge (Dungeoneering)
0) Parry
1) Way of the Fist *
2) Disarm
4) Shove away
8) Bull rush
10) Glancing blow



The Goldenlager clan, like many dwarven clans, is famous for a particularly well-honed craft. Rather than the arguably more honorable crafts of metalworking or blacksmithing, the aptly named Goldenlagers are renowned brewers of fine beers. The clan owns a not insignificant amount of farmland in the Avenwall valley which is dedicated almost solely to hops, as well as an enormous brewery that serves many of the taverns of Avenwall.

The Goldenlagers don’t originate from the area, but perhaps a third of the clan currently lives in the valley because of the superior farmland and opportunity to introduce their brews to a primarily human market. Dwarves have a long-standing appreciation the for clan’s signature frothy brew; conquering the human market is a fairly new endeavor.

Gurdja spent her childhood at one of the farms located closer to the city proper with her mother, father, and five brothers and sisters, of which she was the second oldest. She was not particularly fond of the tedious, dirty farm work, but was born naturally sturdy and was often called upon for some of the more back-breaking tasks because of her strength and seniority. In her adolescence, more often than not she would find excuses to go into town with the carts delivering kegs to the city, and would secretly stay in town to drink, cause trouble, and explore.

Her parents grew tired of trying to keep her on the farm and out of the city (the city always seemed to mean trouble for her). By the time she was of adult age, she had made friends with some of the city-dwelling Goldenlagers and they offered her work at one of the few clan-owned taverns in Avenwall. She eagerly accepted, and over the years went from mopping up after the drunks to single-handedly running the bar. She did a fine job and was rather good at talking up the Clan brand. Unfortunately, she still had a hot streak that made her a Clan liability; she was adept at breaking up nasty bar fights, but she had tendency to cause them too. Half of the time it seemed she was not truly interested in whatever subject was the cause of the fight so much as she simply wanted to throw some punches for the joy of it.

She was lucky enough to be offered a job at Fines by one of her quieter patrons, Brand Rushlight, at around the same time she realized some of her fellow clansmen were whispering about relocating her. The job excited her curiousity and provided an honorable way to relieve the pressure from her clanspeople without them needing to resort to something more drastic (and potentially shameful).

Brand had seen Gurdja in action more than once while he was enjoying a brew, and had Fines hire her as potential muscle. Gurdja was happy to have a “legitimate” reason to throw some punches for once!

Gurdja Goldenlager

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