Evelyn Duchamp

give her back her chewtoy.


Alignment: NG
Height: 5’5’’
Eyes: Brown
Size: Medium
Gender: Female
Weight: 135
Hair: Black
Age: 20
Subrace: Werewolf


  • STR 14 (+2)
  • DEX 16 (+3)
  • CON 13 (+2)
  • INT 11 (+0)
  • WIS 13 (+2)
  • CHA 13 (+2)

Class: Fighter
Level: 1
EXP: 140/250

Speed: 30
Hit Die: 1d10 +2
Initiative: +3
Armor Class: 15
Hit Points: 12
Expertise dice: 2d6

To hit roll d20, add dex (+3) and +1


  • Leather armor (medium)
  • Short sword 1d6 + str (+2)
  • Spike shield 1d6
  • Dagger 1d4


+2 to perception in human form
Shifting → standard action
Controls shape → Has to shift during full moon
Lycanthrope empathy
Bonus to checks when influencing animals
Vulnerability 5 when attacked with silvered weapon
Wolf Form
Bite 1d8
Claw 2d6
Low light vision
+5 to perception
Armor: Base AC (10) +2
+1 str / -1 char

All armor/shields
All simple AND martial
Martial damage dice of 1d6
Parry 1d6

Cleave: When reduce a creature to 0 or less HP, make a single melee attack against another creature within reach as the same action.
Disarming Attack: If hit melee attack against creature w/in 5 feet, also make Str check against target’s Str check; if succeed, target drops one object in its space. If you have a hand free, you can pick up the object.

roll 1d6 + 1d20 ability + ability modifier
Bluff (chr)
Intimidate (chr)
Listen (wis)
Sense Motive (wis)
(at level 7, gain 1 more skill or upgrade to 1d8)

Expertise Dice Users

  • Death Dealer – Deep Wound; use one expertise die (1d6) to add to attack
  • Superior Defense – Parry; when using melee weapon & would be hit by melee attack, parry. Roll one expertise die (1d6) and add to AC against the attack

Money: 350g
Mess kit
Adventurer’s Kit (2 sun rods, backpack, healer’s kit, mess kit, tinder box, ten days of rations, waterskin, 50 ft hempen rope)


Evelyn was raised in the city in a small house her parents bought when she was very little. While she’s left the city for short trips, she proudly considers herself a citizen of Avenwall for now and forever. The Duchamps don’t quite live in the lower districts of the city, but they’re not able to claim the best areas as their home either.

Both of Evelyn’s parents are werewolves, so it was no surprise when a young Evelyn herself started showing signs. About midway through her seventh year, two nights before a full moon, she woke up one day as a puppy; she wasn’t able to shift back until a week later. Her parents quickly started teaching her all they knew about being a werewolf in the city, which amounted basically to know where you are, lock yourself up on the full moon, and always raise chickens. (Raising chickens wasn’t an odd thing around that part of town, and they provided handy late night meals when a full moon just got a bit too hard to deal with.)

Evelyn went to school until she was fifteen, then focused on working and helping her family out. As her parents’ only child, there was a fair amount of pressure on her to get enough money saved up to one day support both of them. Plus, she didn’t exactly have a dowry saved up, so if she ever wanted to get married, she’d have to start work on that herself.

For three years she worked odd jobs, including selling fruit, cleaning houses, and teaching young children. None of these jobs lasted very long; as soon as her employers began to suspect why she always needed a few days off around the full moon (no woman’s schedule is THAT regular), they always found polite but distinct reasons to let her go.

When she was eighteen, Evelyn saw an advertisement for a new business looking for smart young minds interested in secure positions, those with extra potential given extra consideration, come all, open interviews three days from now. From then on, Evelyn was an employee of Fines Security of Avenwall.

She enjoys the work, although she had to learn a lot on the job, very quickly, in her first few months. She gets along with her co-workers, and although her situation is an open secret, she appreciates it not being a defining characteristic of how they view her. Evelyn was never taught by her parents to be ashamed of being a werewolf, although society’s calm dislike of the race hasn’t led her to be extremely proud of it. She finds it useful at times and doesn’t understand how a “normal” person can go through life without the types of advanced senses she enjoys, but she also sometimes envies other people their lack of bloodlust for a few days a month. She could also live without a driving interest in whatever that squirrel over there is doing or that squeaky toy being chewed on around the corner.

Evelyn Duchamp

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