Brand Rushlight

Securities Consultant


Alignment: NG
Height: 5’6"
Eyes: Black
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Weight: 140
Hair: Present
Age: 28
STR 14 ( + 2)
DEX 18 ( + 4)
CON 10 ( + 0)
INT 17 ( + 3)
WIS 13 ( + 2)
CHA 8 ( – 1)
Speed: 25
Hit Die: 1d6
Initiative: 4
Weapon ATK + 1
Rapier(Saber) 1d8(Slash) [Finesse]
Hand Crossbow 1d6(Peirce)
AC: 15
Leather Armor (11 + Dex)
Class: Rogue
Level: 1
EXP: 25
Thief’s Cant
RACE: Human
Racial Bonus: + 2 to Int
Light Armor
Simple Weapons
Finesse Weapons
Longbow, Short bow, Hand Crossbow, Light Crossbow
Martial Damage Die
Skill Die
Combat Expertise
Rogue Talent
Artful Dodger
Rogue Skill Tricks
1) Vanish
2) Quick Reflexes
5) Superior Footwork
7) Tumble
10) Trap Sense
1) Hide in Shadows
3) Ambush
6) Skill Focus (Sneak)?
9) Skill Supremacy (Sneak)

Slight of Hand
Disable Device
Escape Artist
Gather Rumors


Left as an orphan, Brand was left to fend for himself in an orphanage the lower districts of Avonwall. He eventually took the last name “Rushlight” based on a street that he would play on outside.
As a young man, Brand was always on the wrong side of the law. Usually for small crimes, vandalism, breaking and entering, trying to kiss a noble’s daughter, boys will be boys stuff. His life on the streets and growing up as an orphan gave him an innate distaste for lineage, and his habit of flagrantly ignoring that constantly got him into trouble with the law. That’s how Brand met Fine. As he grew older, his rebel without a cause attitude shifted, and he would use his skills to bother constables who had (as he would see it) wrongly incarcerated his friends. He made efforts to retaliate against what he perceived as injustices. Never quite a robin hood, he spent more time making aggressor’s lives uncomfortable than actively stealing beyond what he needed to survive, and never from someone already down on their luck. He earned some renown after spending two years simply entering various homes and taking nothing, but moving everything in their pantry or food cellars around.
Fine, having been able to observe Brand’s growth from a petty criminal to a sometimes-vigilante, gave him an opportunity to clean up for good and earn a steady pay, which Brand eagerly took up.
He hasn’t stolen anything important in the years since he started working under Fine, though he takes time to stay ‘fresh.’
His rebel spirit, though curbed some with the wisdom of age, still burns hot and he does not deal well with the law of Avonwall, and occasionally butts heads with Fine. He is a man of action, be it striking or fleeing, and does not take well to waiting needlessly. His time on the streets and in the lockup has honed a sharp wit, and years breaking into places and running away from pigs has made him nimble. He several scars from his rough life, most prominent is a once-broken nose that was never set right, and his left ear is missing its lobe from a breaking window.

Brand Rushlight

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